Booking manager for accommodations

Reception of bookings and customers, administrative management,

website contents and channel manager, all in one.

What can we offer you?

Booking management

Booking status: requested, paid, confirmed, checked-in, checked-out.

Online / on-request booking.

Automatic pre-payment request.

Record of customers' bookings, invoices, sent and received emails.

Reminder email and 'express check-in' before arrival.

Thank-you email after departure.

Arrival and departure control and cleaning management.

Rates and prices

Creation of multiple rates: for short and long stays, per person, minimum stay, day or season.

Daily, last minute, long stay or early booking discounts.

Manage minimum stays and weekly days of arrival.

Offer packs and discount coupons.

Integrated Channel Manager

Automatic update of availability, prices and minimum stays.  Every 60 seconds.

Received bookings directly added to the system; automatic closure of availability on all synchronised channels.

Transmission of multiple rates to all channels accepting it.

Closure of specific channels on specific dates.

Billing and cashflow

Detailed or summarized invoicing, multiple invoices per booking.

Agency invoicing.

Reservation payments' control; daily or monthly cashflow.

Exportation of payments and invoices for integration with accounting. 


Access to active owners: permission to change prices, availability and manage bookings.

Access to passive owners: permission to check calendars and see reservations.

Billing and owners' statements.

Owners extranet integrated to websites.