About Icnea

Our history

We work in the computer world since 1978.


We were born in the world of management softwares development for medium companies. We bet to invest in creating standards applications that allow us to reduce the implementation costs and offer our solutions to small and medium companies without large investments.


Among the successes achieved stands out the Eurogest management applications that were selected as management software for the Olympic Games of Barcelona 92. Later they were also selected by IBM as a standard management software of their range of computers IBM AS / 400.


With the birth of the Web world, we applied our experience in management to initiate the development of e-commerce solutions and tourist bookings with the objective of promoting the online business generation.


We continually reinvest in functional and technological improving of our programs and solutions.


We offer to our customers the integral service to create your own Internet business platform. From the content management and business management softwares, as the web and plan for an optimal positioning and visibility on the web.


For us, working in teams is more effective. That's why we work together with hosting servers technology providing companies, the best communications providers, graphic designers and digital marketing specialists.

Our trajectory

  • The beginnings

    In 1973 we started to develop computer applications.

    The technology was based on computers with little more than 16KB of memory and punched cards as input and output units. Diskless and with magnetic stripe cards to store information. We already worked on 'teleprocessing' applications , but at speeds of 1200bps.

    However some billing and inventory management programs and some of payroll and taxes accounting were operating for many years.



  • 'Centre de càlcul'

    We founded in Figueres the first services company, at that time called 'data center'.

    Many companies in the zone were introduced to the computer processing of their management with our services.

    We already use the first commercial computers with screens for the information introduction: the IBM S/34, with 64KB of memory and 64MB of disk.



  • Management software services

    We founded a subsidiary company in Barcelona, dedicated to develop management applications in IBM intermediate systems.

    Accounting and financial management, commercial management, production control and human resources management. For many years we received the prize of first spanish IBM Agent for the volume of projects developed.

    The technology had already arrived at the IBM S/36 and S/38, with resources and powers that seemed impressive: memories that were measured in MB, not KB, and discs that could reach 2,8GB for only € 100,000.


  • The Olympic Games

    We won the contest for provide the management software for the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games.

    It turned out that of the eight presented proposals, some of them powerfuls multinational companies such as Arthur Andersen, Peat Marwick, Sema Group and others, which turned out to have already developed management applications were us, the smallest. And we won!

    The technology had returned to take a leap forward with the computers IBM AS / 400, which at the beginning could have 12MB of memory configurations and multiple disk drives of 40GB. 

  • Software exportation

    With the developed software applications, marketed under the brand EURO / GEST, we were doing important projects in hundreds of small and medium companies, mainly Catalan. Also the international network of Repsol subsidiaries implement our programs.

    IBM licensed our solutions under the brand PG / 400 as a standard business management software for its line of computers AS / 400.

    Technology was moving very quickly: more and more memory, power and disk processing ...

    But a new technology began to gain a foothold in the market: the Internet.

  • The Internet world

    We begin to develop online management and business generation solutions.

    First with simple technologies: Microsoft ASP and Access databases.

    But since 2005 in powerful development environments such as ASP.NET and powerful database in SQL Server.

    And over the years with virtualized and redundant servers, solid state disks and  duplicate optical networks to connect to internet.

    We don't talk about capacities, because now the memory is measured in GB, storage in TB and the transmission speeds in MB, but we know that in a short time ...